Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello World

Hi, I'm Nur. I live in Malaysia (but I travel often), poke at computers, marvel at wildlife, rescue cats and take photos.

It's been an eternity since I wrote blogs. I quit writing around 2010. I had much too much to do. I had started travelling, and having adventures. I wasn't writing any of it down. There was just too much happening.

Since then life's slowed down a bit. I've got a bit of time to exercise my writing skills, so why not start another one?

My old blog had all kinds of things on it. Computer stuff. Bird-watching stuff. Travel stuff. I'm no good at separating them as I do them all, and I don't expect this blog to be any different. I also don't really expect anyone to be reading it, I just write for the hell of it.

So, welcome dear imaginary readers!